Vox Hunt: Fall Is Here

Show us some autumn leaves.

I am not living in four-season-country. I am dwelling in Indonesia where there are only two seasons: rainy season and dry season. But, I am not going to make you dissapointed for not displaying any photos from my country. Ok, then, this is a photo I took last year when rainy season has just started. The location is Bogor Botanical Garden in Bogor, West Java. The garden is very greeen, you can find thousands of plants. Some of the plants are rare species.

The Bogor Botanical Garden, Indonesia's first and foremost botanical garden, is 87 hectares of beautifully kept trees, plants flowers, lawns and ponds within a busy expanding city of 300,000 people. It is also a world famous institution for research and conservation that has developed over many years and is continuing to do so. The garden is an important part of Bogor city providing not only employment but a large recreational area for local residents, visitors from Jakarta and many passing tourists.

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3 thoughts on “Vox Hunt: Fall Is Here

  1. aku cinta deh ama Indo yg kek gini… duh, kapan ya ke kebun raya bogor lagi… terakhir aku ke sana tahun 1993, piknik esempe. sekarang pasti udah lbh keren deh…

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