Vox Hunt: Winging It

Show us something with wings.

It is a Pelita Air Service plane in Sorowako, Sulawesi, Indonesia. At an early morning I woke up and rushed to the little airport. The plane was ready to take me to Makassar. It's 60 minute trip. The pilot, Mr Roy  Adam, is a nice guy. He is very polite to every passanger. Before taking off to Makassar, he entered the plane and had a little chat with some passangers. What a nice pilot.

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4 thoughts on “Vox Hunt: Winging It

  1. bu Endah, emang gelap karena subuh-subuh sudah di bandara. penerbangan pertama jam 5.50 pagi Waktu Indonesia TengahMas Didats, sayangnya dulu tidak ada foto digital, ya? coba kalau ada kamera digital.. pasti ceritanya lebih asyik….

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