QotD: Speak To Me In…

How many languages can you speak?  Which languages can you read or understand?

I am able to speak in three different languages. The first is offcourse my mother tongue, Javanese language. This is my main language before I entered elementary school. My daily life used to speak Javanese. The second language is Indonesian language or Bahasa Indonesia. This is official language of my country. Educational institutions and business communication use Bahasa Indonesia. I can read and  speak both language  without any difficulties. Most of Indonesian people are able to speak at least two languages: traditional language and national language. Most of us are bilingual.

The third language is what I use to convey this message now. Yes, it is English. I do not know wheter I am proficient in this language or not. But, at least I am able to watch English movie without any sub-titles and I can read English news and novel.

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