Vox Hunt: Good for a Laugh

Show us a picture of someone that can always makes you laugh.

Well, actually I am not lauging at the man with blue T-shirt. No, I do not laugh at him. It is the monkey which makes me laugh when I look at the photo. The name of the monkey is Anis. This is not a big monke. Anis is a domisticated monkey. Anis is able to do a lot of things such as looking at himself on the mirror, carrying bag, carrying a lttle gun to shoot. This is a mini circus in Java. You can hire the monkey with the trainer for less than one dollar for around 15 minutes performance. Children love this kind of performance. They usually also give donation to the team. You can see on the picture that the trainer also playing drumb to make his monkey demonstrates the attraction. This is a simple circus though. But it makes me laugh. Very funny.

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