Vox Hunt: Life Was Never The Same

Share a photo of something that made a huge impact on your life.

This is a hard question. I cannot think a single entity which has a big impact on my life. But, after one minute thought, I think the best answer from me is nature. Yes, nature has been giving a huge impact on my life. What I am now is the total effect of nature since my childhood. This is the picture of a valley in Purbalingga, my town in central Java. The air is fresh, the scenery is beautiful. Green is everywhere. I love my country.

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2 thoughts on “Vox Hunt: Life Was Never The Same

  1. Hi..Aku memang dari Purbalingga. Tapi aku kurang begitu kenal dengan daerah Bobotsari ke atas. Foto ini sependek ingatanku diambil di daerah Karang Lewas (?). Aku memotret gunung ini ketika dalam perjalanan pulang dari Purbalingga ke Jakarta. Maaf kalau saya lupa. Salam kenal juga.

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