Vox Hunt: Take Comfort

Share a photo of something that comforts you.

Going to a new beautiful place comforts me very much. I feel comfortable. Yes, I enjoy going to a new place. The photo above is a beautiful temple in Ganjuran, Bantul, Yogyakarta. I visited the temple before the earthquake rocked the area. The church located in the same place with the ruined church. The church collapsed due to big earthquake. I don't know the current situation at the temple.

Hey, I said it was a temple and I also said there was a church. Yes, the temple above is a catholic temple. It was built by catholic community in Bantul. At the top of the temple, you can find a statue of Jesus Christ. The temple is sorrounded by many trees. People usually take meditation arround the temple. There is also a well with fresh water. I want to visit the temple again. At the end of the year I will go to Bantul again. It will comfort me, right?

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