Vox Hunt: Breathtaking

Show us something that takes your breath away.

This is lake Matano, one of the deepest lake in the world, 600 meters. Matano is located in South Sulawesi, around 600 km north of Makassar, the capital city of the province. You can go to Sorowako, the village where the lake is located, by flying from Makassar. Matano is still natural, the water is not poluted. Some scientist say that the condition of lake Matano is not changing in the last 30 years. You are able to see something in the deep of the water down under 23 meter below surface. It means that Matano is very bright. The source if the lake is not from river. You can take 'ketinting' from Pantai Ide to Nuha Village to know the beauty of the lake. Around the lake you can see the green mountains. Most of the mountain are not inhabited. Do you want to go there? Take a breath. The beauty of the lake must make you wonder: where am I? Am I in heaven or on earth?

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3 thoughts on “Vox Hunt: Breathtaking

  1. wah, cantik banget kayaknya!tapi di jakarta banyak pemandangan yang lebih bagus ah. coba aja maen-maen ke citos ato mall-mall kelas atas laennya. wuihh…the view is breath taking and heart stopping!hehehe, ya paham lah maksut aye. wanita pak…wanita…. :D

  2. Indonesia tanah air beta…Pusaka abadi nan jaya…Beautiful!masih tersisa berapa lagi ya… yg cantik kek aku, eh… danau matano di endonesah?

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