QotD: Home Sweet Home

What is your browser's default home page set to?
Submitted by Kelev T. Cat.

My default homepage is JalanSutera.com. It is my own blog instead of JalanSutera on Vox.com. But sometimes when I am busy with jobs, I change the dafault page to Google.com. Those two site are the most important website in my life.

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One thought on “QotD: Home Sweet Home

  1. knp milih nama Jalan Sutera? Jadi ingat masa2 aku pacaran jarak jauh (Jogja-Jakarta) dulu waktu masih muda banged (skrg masih muda juga). Jarak adalah jalan sutera yg mendekatkan kita. Sedangkan, waktu adalah ikatan sutera yg menyatukan kita.

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