WordPress 2.0 Beta 2


WordPress is developing rapidly. Now you are able to download WordPress 2.0 Beta 2 (zip file, 576kb). But, take your risk if some plugins are not compatible with the latest beta release. So, check whether your current plugins will work for this beta release at 2.0 Plugin Compatibility.

Yes, it is true that not all plugins are compatible with WordPress 2.0 Beta 2 as illustrated by the comics above.

You can read the translation:
A: WordPress 2.0 has just gone out!
B: Really? And what changes does it have?
A: The major version number?
B: Excluding that…
A: Some plug-ins get borked
B: Cool…


4 thoughts on “WordPress 2.0 Beta 2

  1. A typical crap, just like Movable Type.
    Oh, here’s the UberCoolPlugin, download here for the version that works with SuperBlogSoftwareV1, and here’s the one that works with V2, and this one works with V3.

    Backward compatibility baby. PHP community doesn’t think about it much.

    n.b. pluginsnya si priyadi brisik harus direwrite ga yah buat compatibility dng wp2?

  2. The rapid development of a software only matter for those who are consciously following the trend, the latest. Actually I still see many people using WP 1.2. The point is: what do you really need? Just because something can be done, doesn’t mean it should be done.

    I myself will wait until it become more stable before I download it.

  3. Not only is the WP plugin system a mess, there is an overflow of so-called plug-in developers that consistently release very bug-ridden and error plagued works.

    Just read any blog where the plugin originates and see how populated the complaints and error reports are from the comments.

    I have never seen worse code writing in all my life, then many of them are turned out which simply do nothing but create database/table errors on MySQL or either poorly written or no READ ME files for the newcomers.

    If this publishing system wasn’t so popular as quickly as it’s become or if there were other alternatives many people would have jumped off WP long before now.

    The plug-ins, many good ones NEED to be incorporated in the core and not left for others to chance in their lackluster attempts to build one.

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