Would you pay $5/month to use Google?

Jason Fried of 37signals.com threw an interesting question: If Google wasn’t free, would you pay $5/month for it?. I personally have an objection if I have to pay $5/month for using Google Search. But, I do not know my answer if $5/month is for all Google services such as Blogger, Gmail, Google Talk, Google SMS, Google Earth, Google Answers and so on.

Would you pay $5/month to use Google?


One thought on “Would you pay $5/month to use Google?

  1. Interesting question indeed.
    However, the question maybe is not whether you would pay $5 or not. It is whether you want to pay or not.
    5 dollars or 5 cents won’t matter. It is the psychology of having to whip out your wallet that matters.

    I personally won’t bother to pay. If google starts charging, new websites will start popping out offering the same service for free.
    After a while, we won’t miss Google.

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