The Demolition Man is Dead!


One of Southeast Asia’s most wanted terrorists apparently blew himself up Wednesday to escape capture when an elite security unit attacked his hideout, the national police chief said. Two other suspected militants were thought killed in the blast.

Known as the “Demolition Man” for his expertise with explosives, Azahari bin Husin was a key figure in Jemaah Islamiyah, a terror network with links to al-Qaeda that has been blamed for a series of deadly bombings as well as failed plots in Indonesia, the Philippines and Singapore.



7 thoughts on “The Demolition Man is Dead!

  1. Call me crazy or perhaps I read to many detective books and read/watch sci-fi. Here’s my question. Do we really have a positive ID that he is the right person? A blown up suspect is the worst case since we can’t properly ID him. I read on the news that the police will check the DNA. And what should we compare it to? Do we have a previous sample? Call me Holmes if I’m right but I hope I’m wrong.

  2. Eric, police identified that the fingerprint of the dead body is identically same with fingerprint archived by Malaysian Police. This is the first scientific prove that the dead body is Azahari. Police are also able to compare the DNA of the dead body with the DNA, for example, the father/mother of Azahari or the son/daughter of Azahari. If the DNA of the dead body is identical, so it is true that he is Azahari.

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  4. ada hal yang kurang berkenan yaitu respond dari government malaysia yang terlihat acuh dan tidak merasa risih dengan ulah warga negara malaysia yang merusak citra bangsa indonesia .

    Dampak akibat ulah Azahary sangat fatal bagi perekonomian dan citra bangsa indonesia.

    Mengapa Government Malaysia secara moral tidak merasa berkepentingan untuk bahu membahu dengan pemerintah RI untuk menangkap Demolition Man ???.
    Bahkan azahary masih sempat melakukan hubungan via telepon ke keluarga di negeri Jiran .
    Tanpa didetect oleh Intel Malaysia .

    Sebagai warga Indonesia kami sangat heran karena seharusnya Malaysia sebagai saudara serumpun melayu dg Indonesia harusnya dapat lebih berperan & bersama bahu membahu menuntaskan Gang Noordin Top yang juga warga negara Negeri Jiran.

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