I have just installed a plugin called fQuick, a plugin created by Fredrik Fahlstad. By using this plugin I am able to add small custom quicklinks to the sidebar. Moreover, this plugin also provides RSS feed for my Sidenotes.

Go get the plugin if you are a WordPress user.


7 thoughts on “SideNotes

  1. kira – kira sepadan dengan sides plugins atau miniblog yah? kecuali RSS nya itu … gak ada yg nyamain , jadi powerfull ini plugins.

    BTW kemana desain yg mirip dengan miliknya .. siapa itu yg desainer terkenal , yg dipajang tempo hari?

  2. Hey, I think that is nice. After the sidebar Asides failure on K2, I think this can be an alternative. How does it feel on the inside (admin)? Good? Perhaps I should try this myself :)

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