Quaerimur, Ergo Sum

“Quaerimur, Ergo Sum” is derived from René Descartes’ Latin statement “Cogito, Ergo Sum”.

“Quaerimur Ergo Sum” can be translated into “I’m searchable, therefore I am.” I found this statement from an interview with C.K. Sample, III, a blogger of TUAW, The Unofficial Apple Weblog. He thinks that if you are not searchable, you do not exist. He thinks that it is the beauty of blogging.

Matt, developer of WordPress, said in one of his page: “According to Google I am the # 7 most important Matt in the world. When I reach the top of that list I’m going to take my website down.” He put a screenshot of Google search engine which shows his weblog position in Google. Now he is the most important Matt in the world. Matt and his weblog are searchable, therefore he exists.

Priyadi, a blogger from Depok, stated that most of Google search results usingpriyadi” as keyword refer to his weblog although he is not the only Priyadi on the net. It means Priyadi and his weblog are searchable and therefore he exists.

Are you searchable? Do you exist?


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