“Linux for All – Dijamin Halal”


IT department of my company has been running a big project. They launched the project called “Linux for ALL – Dijamin Halal”. Yes, it’s project to migrate more than 400 pcs from Microsoft Windows to Linux Xandros. It actually started two weeks ago. Marketing department from which I come from, is the latest division to migrate to Linux. It is not a smooth process after all. Most of us are not familiar with Xandros. Currently I am still using Windows, but next week I will be Microsoft-free man.

Do you have tips for beginner user of Linux? Please share with me.


9 thoughts on ““Linux for All – Dijamin Halal”

  1. If one really wants freedom (and gratis), Ubuntu is probably a better choice.

    It’s a bit disappointing to me when people choose a Linux distro simply because it looks like Windows. I’m not saying that your IT dept did, just a general comment. It’d be interesting to know why they picked Xandros instead of the other distros.

  2. #1: Iang, gue nggak pernah bilang kalo Xandros itu free atau nggak. Gue sendiri belum tahu bentuknya seperti apa.

    #2: Ronny, gue nggak tahu kenapa IT di tempat gue kerja pilih Xandros. Nanti gue tanya deh dan update di weblog ini.

  3. Wah aku udah pakai XANDROS aku gunakan sebagai ROUTER sip juga kok dan mudah kayak …apa yaaa … goreng tempe aja , masukan langsung matang terus tinggal santap
    Kita sekarang emang harus berpikir gimana segera migrasi ke OPEN SOURCE YANG LEGAL heee, ok mat beraktifitas
    sukses yaaa.

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