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Update: It seems has disabled this feature. The link to import is unavailable anymore. Please ask WordPress about his feature.

Finally WP provides a feature which enables us to import our blogger located at Google’s to You can find a button at the right side of your dashboard. This importer allows you to import posts and comments from your Blogger account into your WordPress blog.

Follow the link and you will find a step by step instruction:

The script will log into your Blogger account, change some settings so it can read your blog, and restore the original settings when it’s done. Here’s what you do:

  • Back up your Blogger template.
  • Back up any other Blogger settings you might need later.
  • Log out of Blogger
  • Log in here with your Blogger username and password.
  • On the next screen, click one of your Blogger blogs.
  • Do not close this window or navigate away until the process is complete

I haven’t tried this feature but I am sure it works for you. Well, this is a big punch for Google from WordPress, I think.


7 thoughts on “Import Blogger to

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  3. I did the Import last night. It was a snap to get the Blogger stuff over to But, be sure you back up not only your Blogger template, but all your Blogger settings as well, 1.e., RSS feeds, etc. I don’t know if it’s *normal* but disabled my Blogger blog completely, and redirected to the WordPress site. It also screwed up my RSS feeds – I still haven’t been able to fix them!

    Again, the Import from Blogger procedure was scary simple…but it has some “unexpected consequences!”

  4. All my blogging is temporarially disabled while I try to recover from the WP import “feature.” It totally wipes out your blogger account, BEWARE. If you don’t have backups you will LOSE EVERYTHING!

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  6. As promised to Carole, I have been researching. I found this post, saying it can be done, but I’m damned if I can find the button!

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