Permalink: Underscores or Dashes?


Sometimes I wonder, which is better for permalink: underscores or dashes. William Pramana, the numero uno weblogger, uses_underscores_for_his_permalinks. Maybe, it is because he uses MT for his weblog engine. The corporate blog of SixApart also uses underscores for their title link.

But Enda Nasution, another- leading-blogger-uses- dashes-for-his-title-of-every-entry-in-his- weblogger-although-he-uses-MT. On the other hand, most of Planet Terasi inhabitants who manage their weblog using WordPress always use dashes for their permalink.

This make me ask you. Which is better for permalink: dashes or underscores? Please tell me.


10 thoughts on “Permalink: Underscores or Dashes?

  1. Here is an explanation about dashes vs underscore.

    I personally prefer dashes because it’s easier to read and search engine prefer dash. My blog still use underscore because I did not install the mt plugin required to turn underscore into dash.

    It is possible to set your permanent link setting to dash in Movable Type 3.2. But I haven’t upgraded to MT 3.2 yet.

  2. I prefer dash but that’s by personal preferences. For William Prana and Zootropo , where did you find that dash is more search engine friendly than underscore?

    And for fahmi: underscore in Friendster is often use for the domain name which is a violation to international domain regulation (is there any?). But underscore usage for a folder is legitimate.

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