Remembering Names


How many new persons do you meet everyweek? Less than 10 new people? I meet new people everyday. At least four or five new people I meet every workdays. Sometimes, it is hard for to remember that we have exchanged business card when on another day I meet the same person again. Being able to remember names is a valuable asset for me. It helps me build instant rapport with new contacts, andit makes a decidedly good impression too.

Thanks to Kate Lorenz from who has written a comprehensive list on how to remembering name. Sometime, I am ashamed when somebody calls me but I forget his/her name. Read tricks from Lorenz to remember names easily.

  • The first step to remembering a name is to pay attention as you are introduced.
  • Verify what he or she wishes to be called.
  • Imagine seeing the name written across the person’s forehead.
  • Imagine writing the name by moving your finger in micro-muscle movements as you are seeing the name and saying it to yourself.
  • Use word association; if a man’s name is Arnold, imagine him as the “Terminator” or striking a body-builder pose.
  • Try to use the name three or four times during your conversation.
  • Record the name in a “new contacts” file

What are your tricks to remember names?


2 thoughts on “Remembering Names

  1. wah, jumlah anak kecil yang main di rumah saya juga banyak. paling saya panggil mereka dengan karakter yg keliatannya cocok, misalnya,”hey, GANTENG, mau kue nggak?”. anak tetangga sebelah itu biasanya cuma senyum saja. :)

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