Video iPod Rocks, but Steve Jobs is a Liar

ipod video

Apple’s Video iPod rocks. It is a digital music player that will be capable of playing videos. I haven’t seen the real Video iPod, but from the picture on the net and newspaper I can assure you that this is an impressive created by Steve Jobs. But, Jason Calacanis of WeblogsInc pointed out that Jobs is a liar. Read how Steve Jobs may have been skeptical about the appeal of such a device when he was asked by Jason.

Steve Jobs: “Hey Jason, I love Engadget, I read it every day”.
Jason: “Wow, that’s great. Why do you read it?”
Steve: “Competitive intelligence, you guys get stuff before anyone”.
Jason: “Neat! So, hey, I have a questions for you. Why wouldn’t you make a video iPod?”
Steve Jobs: “People don’t want to watch video on their iPod”.
Jason: “Really? We hacked the iPod to do video and people went nuts for it. I’m your customer and I’m telling you I would pay $100 more for a video iPod!”
Steve Jobs: “The iPod is for listening to music. It’s not designed for video.” Smiles wryly.
Jason (to self): “Either this guys a great liar or he’s a fool, and I know Steve Jobs is nobody’s fool”.


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