is a Blog


As I have written on the previous day that Yahoo! News Search added blog entries as a supplement to professional media offerings. So there are two segements here. First is professional media offerings and the other is blog which is created by webloggers. What I want to say now is the fact that, the leading Indonesian news site, is regarded as a blog by Yahoo!

I have tried to use “Indonesia” as keyword on Yahoo! News Search and one of the results is an entry from This result is feeded to Yahoo! via an Unoffcial RSS feed created by Johan.

When will provide its offcial RSS feed? Why does not provide RSS feed?


6 thoughts on “ is a Blog

  1. Karena itu bukan new media. Dia adalah entity old media yang memanfaatkan new media sebagai infrastruktur, tapi secara konsep dia sangat old media.

  2. Apakah kalau pakai RSS feed, bisa2 ntar jualan header/banner nya Detik di websitenya jadi nggak laku? :p Hm…toh seharusnya sekarang orang bisa pasang iklan juga saat kita baca via RSS Reader.

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