CSS Optimezer not for Newbie

Today I visited online CSS Optimizer. It is a web tool for reducing the file size of cascading style sheets. Take my CSS file for example. File size before optimization is 12.55 KB. File size after optimization : 9.39 KB. It means this tool reduces my CSS 25.1%.

But I don’t like the result of optimization. I cannot read it easily because all white space are removed completely. It will make me dizzy if someday I want to make some changes on my CSS file.

My silly conclusion is: CSS Optimezer is a good product. But, it is not suitable for me, a newbie in blogosphere.


3 thoughts on “CSS Optimezer not for Newbie

  1. kalo udah bener2 gag ada yg perlu di edit2 lagi boleh dah…

    tapi gag seberapa kok.. paling dibawah 10 persen.
    lagian, css itu kan file text… jadi gag ngaruh2 bgt la… IMHO.

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