, Metasearch for Slow Connection is a metasearch service (including, no matter where or how you view it. Their service is suitable for user from Indonesia where internet connection is often very slow. is for anybody with access to the web and in need of immediate, impartial results:

  • Save time, page loads, and keystrokes
  • Get vendor-neutral results from fantastic resources
  • Output OPML for easy importing into news aggregators
  • Link your tags to for more comprehensive results
  • Load with slow connections, Treos, PSP, dial-up, cell phones
  • Search through an ever-expanding set of results
  • Navigate a simple subdirectory structure, quick to key-in
  • Run it on either desktop-based or mobile devices
  • View or subscribe to results in RSS
  • Get full access without needing to register

You’re going to save time and bandwidth immediately; imagine how long it would take to traverse all those sites just to find the one thing you were looking for!? If you tend to view only the top results for a cursory search, why not just feed you the top results in one easy spot (where you can subsequently subscribe to them)? Look for more features to roll out as the weeks march forward!


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