Jumping Together to Drive World Orbit


For ordinary people like me, the differences between mad idea and real scientific idea are very slim. It is said that scientist from the ISA/Munchen (Germany) have published a report which confirms that planet Earth could be driven out of its orbital rotation by the combined force of human beings jumped. They estimated that it would take a minimum 600 million people on the wested hemisphere to jump at the same moment on 20 July 2006, 11:39.13GMT

Scientific research has proven that this change of planetary positioning would very likely stop global warming, extend daytime hours and create a more homogenous climate.

Do you think it is a mad idea or real scientific idea?


2 thoughts on “Jumping Together to Drive World Orbit

  1. Have you ever seen a person levitate?
    Or better yet, have you ever been levitated a meter off the ground?

    If you have, you will think world jump day is a scientific idea. :).

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