Capture the Entire Document Using ScreenGrab

I love Firefox so much because it can be configure easily using extension. Extensions are small add-ons that add new functionality to Firefox.

One of extensions I downloaded lately is ScreenGrab. It allows you to take screenshots of web pages. What’s so cool about that? Well it captures the entire page – not just the part viewable in the browser window! It’s even cross platform!

You can see an example of the front page of Slashdot created using ScreenGrab here (636KB, PNG)


2 thoughts on “Capture the Entire Document Using ScreenGrab

  1. I use ScrapBook.
    I think it has the same functionality with ScreenGrab, but ScrapBook offers a bit of flexibility over ScreenGrab
    (I only read from ScreenGrab features page, so I might be wrong).

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