Comprehensive Guide to a professional blog site: a WordPress example


Michael K. Bergman, Chairman/CTO of BrightPlanet wrote a PDF document entitled “Comprehensive Guide to a Professional Blog Site”. He created this Guide as a discipline in learning how to be a diarist or journalist, akin to the heyday era of “persons of letters” prior to the telegraph. In part, he undertook this discipline to rekindle those daily journal skills of the past. But, for the most part, he undertook the effort because he believes a fundamentally new means and mechanism for adaptive advantage is being created with social computing, of which blogging is a part.

This Guide addresses about 100 individual “how to” blogging topics and lessons, all geared to the content-focused and not occasional blogger. More than 140 citations, 80 of which are unique, are provided to other experts with guidance for all of us. The Guide itself occupies 80 pages. It is all FREE.

Go download the file and be a professional blogger using WordPress, a semantic personal publishing platform with a focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability.

Comprehensive Guide to a professional blog site: a WordPress example (1.016kb)


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