Another Golden Ticket to Share


This morning, when I checked the dashboard of my JS on, I found that I have another golden ticket. I do not know why they give me another ticket. Maybe it is because I sent a comment on feedback field some two weeks ago.

I will share this ticket for anyone who has a blog but NOT powered by WordPress. By giving this to a person who doesn’t know the look and feel of this great application I hope WordPress community gain ONE new member.

So, just drop me a comment below and show me your non-WP blog. First come, first served.


6 thoughts on “Another Golden Ticket to Share

  1. Hi Mas Puji, saya juga masih ada sisa dua undangan lagi dan saya khususkan untuk orang yang mau ngeblog dan belum punya blog :) Btw, good rule!

  2. Hi, not sure whether you have given out the ticket I do wish that you can consider giving me that, I do have a blog powered by word press but it is dead now due to my free hosting provider is shutting down so I would like to take this chance making as my provider.

    Hope to hear from you.

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