Mailnation, The World First 1000GB Freemail Service

The world is getting crazier. After Gmail offered a 2GB free email service, Yahoo! also doubled its webmail capacity. Both services are enough for me. More than 1GB freespace is sufficient for personal usage.

But, Vincent Liou, President and Chief Executive Officer of has different opinion. They think that privacy policies with major companies are weak, reliability remains questioned, and features are lacking. Attachment sizes remain small and restrictive, and ads plague certain email systems.

That’s why he provides a 1 TB (1000 GB) completely free service with an ad-free and simple to use interface. Unlike most free email services, he offers you with an exhaustive list of free features, designed with you and your daily busy life in mind. He offers this to you, completely free of charge, with an impressive uptime, and a very stringent privacy policy. So, 1TB freemail, anyone?


7 thoughts on “Mailnation, The World First 1000GB Freemail Service

  1. Hm..I think the phenomena of huge quota of free email serivce is trend today. I just feel, that there’s something tricky in the back end of the provider. I really don’t know what it is. Maybe you’ve good explanations about this technically? Or someone else does?

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  3. Quoting Budi : “I just feel, that there’s something tricky in the back end of the provider….”

    My best guess : There are no real quota. The mailbox will spool freely just until the space almost run out. After that, they will add more storage to the box.

  4. Hi:
    I am from China.I used the mailnation one year befor,but now I can’t find the web.Is it change the IP?
    Please mail me the new web side to my Email: Thank you!!

  5. hi phlashback,

    i am not mailnation user. but it seems they ended the service. they change to ThinkPost Communication. I think nothing wrong with IPs. Why don’t you just use Gmail?

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