WordPress.com Invitation, Anyone? (closed)

Personally I do not know Budi Sukmana. He is my cyberpal. Eventhough we haven’t met physically, he is very generous to me. When I am in trouble with this humble blog, he is open to any question I shoot. And it doesn’t stop. He provides me with great answer for my silly and dumb questions. Today, he sent me a free invitation to apply WordPress.com, an easy and powerful way to start blogging powered by WordPress Multi User application. The only way to acquire a WordPress.com username is by invitation only.

Now, I have setup my WordPress.com blog at https://jalansutera.wordpress.com. I do not know what will I do with my new blog. I will let you know later. But there is another important thing to do. As a new member of WordPress.com community I am entitled to get an inivition for anyone to share. So, if you want a WordPress.com invitation, just put a comment below. Please state your REASONS why should I give you this exclusive ticket. The BEST REASONS will get a golden ticket to enter WordPress.com community. The deadline is three days from recent date.

Good luck for everyone and thanks to Budi Sukmana.


16 thoughts on “WordPress.com Invitation, Anyone? (closed)

  1. The reason for wanting the invitation is because I’m a very curious person especially about blogging. I have a working installation of MT, WordPress, Textpattern, and many more CMS.

    I would love to play around with wordpress.com.

  2. Hi…I’m interested in blogging..Can you guide me just a simple way to make a blog..ICurrently, I just have a friendster blog..Can you invite me to the wordpress..and some more..Do you mind if I send you a questionnaire regarding your creation of a weblog? Well, it’s for sharing your experience in a research and yet profile is kept confidential.

  3. I really want to blog using WP!
    well, it could be another way to learn more, to write more and to share more.. but i believe it just gonna be a dream only..

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  5. so what the CMS are you using now..? wordpress right? so…
    こんにちはお元気ですか?私の名前はirvan …日本の話をしていただけます

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