Google Promoting Gmail on Frontpage

Sometimes I wonder why Google does not put a link to its advance free webmail, GMail. In fact, the GMail has many advantages compared to other free service such as Yahoo! Mail or Hotmail. The capacity of GMail is huge, 2.6 Gbyte. But, why doesn’t Google put a little link on the frontpage?


6 thoughts on “Google Promoting Gmail on Frontpage

  1. Because it’s not open officially yet. Currently there is no sign up page at

    One of the reason is google themself is not ready to take the hit of million people open up and used their 2G mailbox.

  2. Catatan: Tulisan yang bener Gmail, bukan GMail
    1) Gmail tak mendatangkan uang seperti AdWords (80% pendapatan tahun lalu)
    2) Google punya puluhan produk yang juga tidak dipromosikan, karena nggak mau ‘clutter the homepage’

  3. Google lets existing members invite new members. That’s how they create a thread of responsibility between individuals for the “authorities” and other snoops to follow in case there’s a security matter to follow up on. All part of our eroding freedom of expression, ironically on the internet, the so-called last frontier of free expression…

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