Mandala was Overweighted of 3 Tons Durians?

Seputar Indonesia newspaper today reports that the cause of the Mandala Airlines crash in Medan on Monday was overwighted cargo. The plane, reported the paper, carried 3 tons of durians, huge fruits native to southeastern Asia `smelling like Hell and tasting like Heaven.

I don’t know whether it is true or not.


11 thoughts on “Mandala was Overweighted of 3 Tons Durians?

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  3. I was in medan when the plane crashed. The day after I was going to the airport to pick up a friend from Jakarta. When the becak went by the plane it smelled really bad, but I thought it was bodies I was smelling. It seemed to be common knowlege in medan that Durian was the reason for the crash. An Indonesian friend of mine told me Durian sells for 5,000 rupiah per kilo… imagine it’s a bit of money!

  4. It seems there has to be a reason why the plane would be purposefully loaded with 2 to 3 tons of durian and an individual responsible. Naturally, not one media report has looked into this because as usual, it’s someone connected to government. Mandala staff say the culprit was none other than one of the victims (in an almost first of its kind involving a high official…), namely the South Sumatera governor who insisted that the durians be taken to Jakarta where they were to be given to MPR/DPR members (house and senate, sort of) as gifts. Governors in Indonesia are usually army and Mandala is 90% army-owned.

    Don’t expect the US National Transport Safety Board who arrived on scene to investigate to be announcing anything like this if they follow their usual policy of not embarrassing foreign governments.

  5. kepada
    yth bapak presiden Ri
    dengan hormat:
    kami sebagai anak bangsa yang miskin dan setengah miskin dari kalimantan barat ini sangat mengharapkan atas kebijakan dari bapak peresiden untuk dapat kiranya melihat atau mendengar keluhan-keluhan kami di pelosok-pelosok yang belum terjangkau oleh kebijakan pembangunan dan keadilan ekonomi yang sangat kami rasakan akhir-akhir ini,terutama di pelosok kalimantan barat sedangkan yang di bangun selama ini hanya sarana dan peserana di kota saja sedangkan kami sama sekali belum merasakan apa sih pembangunan itu? bahkan ekonomi kami sangat keterbelakangan sehingga kami tidak dapat meneruskan pendidikan anak-anak kami pak apa lagi biyaya pendidikan semakin hari semakin mahal,pokoknya semua hal sangat berat kami hadapi,dan seandainya ada anak kami yang tamatan SMA/SMK/SMP/juga jadi pengangguran karena lapangan kerja tidak mencukupi,padahal negara kita cukup luas dan bermacam ragam potensi untu mencipta lapangan kerja tapi tidak di buka oleh pemerintah daerah, seandainya pak ada lapangan kerja tapi orang tua harus korban uang dulu baru dapat kerja untuk anaknya,tolong korupsi seperti itu di hilangkan pak.dan juga ada sistim keluarga selaha ada sisa keluarganya baru untuk orang lain itu kalua ada itulah pak yang biasa kami ketemukan,dan apa bila hal semacam itu berlaku terus menerus maka negara kita tidak akan maju karena praktek-praktek korupsi masih menghantui bangsa ini terima kasih pak.sampai jumpa di lain waktu untuk menulis kepada bapak lagi.kalau ada kata-kata yang tidak berkenaan di hati bapak saya minta maaf.

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  7. It is true!
    I am the eyewitness when the plane crashed.
    The location was near from my college, Universitas Sumatera Utara.
    When I was studying in my college, everyone heard the big sound that made me went out from the class and check it.
    People run to somewhere and I followed them. It was very shocked us. We saw an accident of airplane! But it was very horrible! The passangers is dead! No one is saved! Everyone was burned and I saw a mother with her son lost their feet caused by fire. And the main thing, we smelled a bad smell! Can u guess it? It was Durian smells!!! Yes, that’s right! 3 Tons of Durian! ‘the no 1 man of Medan’ brought his durian more than 3 Tons! But this information was closed for public. Only Medan knows it well.
    One secret info again for u:
    After the event, the families of the victims were fighted each other because every family was sure that a foot/head/etc was their family’s!!!

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