42% Bloggers are Splog

Philipp Lenssen of Google Blogoscoped wondered “how many spam blogs does Google have on their Blogspot server?”. Then he used the following URL: www.blogger.com/redirect/next_blog.pyra?navBar=true which brought him to a random blog each time he accessed it. The result is fantastic: 42% weblog on Google’s Blogspot are Splog.

According to FightSplog.com “Splog” is short for Spam Blog. Spam blogs are blogs that don’t provide any real content for users. They exist solely to game the search engines. These splogs may exist just to have links to other websites or, they may have ads on the blog itself. The content on splogs are auto-generated, either from some other source or a list of useless keywords.

I wonder why criminal always finds its way when we found a new technology? So, let us fight the spam blogs.


4 thoughts on “42% Bloggers are Splog

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