Bookmarker: Posts Promotion Automation

Aleksey Gureev again updated his plugin. Now he called it Bookmarker. Bookmarker is simple plug-in which posts bookmarks to your social bookmarks services accounts automatically when you publish entries in WordPress. It is very convenient and efficient to promote your posts all over the web this way in addition to pinging blog repositories. Before now, you had to walk through these services and post the comments manually, but now everything has changed. Bookmarker does it for you!

* support
* Simpy support
* Ability to enable/disable any of supported services
* Posting bookmarks on entry publication

As usual, the intallation process is very easy. Go to his blog and find it. I hope you will love it as I do.


2 thoughts on “Bookmarker: Posts Promotion Automation

  1. Yes, Otis, I haven’t updated my plugin. Sorry. But today I will install the new one. Thanks for your attention.

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