60% of Chinese Bloggers are Female, What about in Indonesia?

In an interview with BusinessWeek as quoted by BlogHerald.com, Chairman of Blogcn, Hu Zhiguang told that 60% of their blogger are female because “(Chinese) boys and men don’t have time to write very much. Girls are more emotional, more articulate about their feelings. Besides, a lot of boys are busy playing online games.” I don’t think that similar number will come up in Indonesia. Although there is no valid and exact number, I think more or less 60% Indonesian blogger are male. The inhabitans of Planet Terasi and ID-Gmail, Indonesian weblog aggregators, for example, are dominated by male.

What do you think?


3 thoughts on “60% of Chinese Bloggers are Female, What about in Indonesia?

  1. I don’t do any research but based on my experience I agree, Indonesia bloggers are mostly male. Maybe because mostly they consider computer are men’s toy. I see most teenagers in Indonesia are more likely to watch TV then to blog. Correct me if I’m wrong. Btw, this is a nice blog you have.

  2. I do agree with both of you. One of my light research is that most of Indonesian Male Blogger have an IT as academy background or at least they care about IT matters like open source, programming, etc.

    I found that you’re one of Non-IT Indonesian Male Blogger, Puji. I do read your posts and you always try to share a good content at least for the latest information.

    Keep on blogging ;)

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