SixApart Releases Movable Type 3.2

In a stiff competition with WordPress and other blog engines, SixApart, the company behind MovableType has just released a new version of its blog engine called Movable Type 3.2. Earlier this week it was announced that SixApart also changed its license agreement. In the past MovableType only gave unpaid users license for up to 3 weblogs – with MovableType 3.2 comes a new licensing structure allows even unpaid users unlimited sites.

Highlight of new MovableType 3.2 features are:
* Vastly improved installation and upgrade
* Unlimited blogs for all
* Special $30 discount for Personal Edition
* All your blogs in one place
* The best community management
* Find what you need
* Smart new styles
* A new generation of plugins
* The best support In the business
* Professional backing

I do not want to look back from WP to MT


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