Auto Posting to and Simpy

Aleksey Gureev has just udated his Auto Posting to plugin for WordPress. Now it also supports Simpy, another social bookmarker. If you have installed his previous plugin before, you can now update the plugin by following a simple step by step instruction below:

1. Get the new version of plug-in.
2. Extract the archive to your /wp-content/plugins directory.
3. Activate “Bookmarker” plug-in on the Plugins administrative page and deactivate previous version — the “Delicious Tagger”.
4. At this point you can safely remove previous plugin as you no longer need it. To do so remove ncg_delicious.php and ncg_delicious directory from your wp-content/plugins directory.
5. Open Options->Bookmarker and place your Simpy account information (note that setup should migrate from previous plugin version automagically).


3 thoughts on “Auto Posting to and Simpy

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