Gmail Conversation Preview Bubbles

What I like most from Google’s GMail is its feature, conversation. A message, along with all the replies to that message (and replies to the replies). Sometimes these are also called ‘threads.’ By organizing your mailbox in threads, it’s easier to understand the context of a message, so it’s easier to follow the ‘conversation.’ Now I can have a preview of GMail conversation by installing a GreaseMonkey file. Afer installing the file, right click the conversation and you can preview it. Nice, right?

Have a try!


2 thoughts on “Gmail Conversation Preview Bubbles

  1. I’ve heard people can get their account “suspended” for running GreaseMonkey scripts over their Gmail accounts? Do you know anything about this? If its not true, I’d love to get my ‘delete’ button script back online.

  2. I have been using this GreaseMonkey for long time. And my Gmail is still running well. I think you should not believe to such rumours.

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