Web Access Over Power Lines, Not in Indonesia

Slashdot wrote that The CSMonitor is reporting that power companies may now be able to break into the internet provider market, giving consumers a third option, outside of telephone and cable companies. From the article, “Broadband over Power Lines (BPL), with investments from big-name companies including Google and IBM, is beginning to move beyond small trial projects to deploying systems for large communities.”

For you who live in Indonesia, do not think about that. The power company in Indonesia sucks! Yesterday, Jakarta and other large sities were black out for 4 hours. PLN, the power company, cannot think about this opportunity while their main service lacks of professionality. I think you will agree with me!


2 thoughts on “Web Access Over Power Lines, Not in Indonesia

  1. Actually, Indonesian Power Company (PLN) was among the first to deploy this technology. Just search “iconpln” on Google.
    I still remember that I was looking at its website in jealousy, because there was no such thing in UK yet.

    However, I think they don’t sell to consumer market (yet?), they only sell to corporate customers.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if this is because of some sort of MoU with Telkom and the gang.

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