Using Tools to Find Great Domain Name

A reader of my blog sent a comment via email. He said that my domain name, is a great domain name. After praising my domain name he needs a suggestion of a domain name he will use for his site. I do not give him any domain name, but I show him some sites which are able to guide him to find a great domain name.

DisLexicon generates new words out of prefixes, suffixes and root words that it finds lying around, although sometimes they are words that someone has already thought of. You can also supply your own root word, if you have a word that you really like, and would like to be able to fit it into more conversations. Once the word is generated, the dislexicon feebly attempts to give you a definition of the word. Most of the words it generates probably won’t make much sense, and some of them may be illegal in your state, so take that into consideration. In case you were wondering, yes, the dislexicon did generate its own name.

JustDropped lets you search for domain names that have recently expired.

Word Mixer: Give them some words and they’ll mix and match them!

DomainsBot: All you really have to do is type in the words that match your concept of what you’re looking for, click “submit”, and watch the suggestions fly in. If you like one, add it to your cart, and when you’re done, choose the registrar or vendor of your choice. You can also add your names to your portfolio, which you can use to collect and manage your names, make a wishlist, and look at the stats of your domain name collection.

DomainFellow: Multiple Domain Query allows you to check for availability up to 30 domain names at once, and by using Custom Domain Query you can use your own prefixes or suffixes to generate domain names.

Biotech Names: A unique domain generation tool specifically designed for professionals and companies operating in areas related to biology, biotechnology, genetics, etc. Just enter your keyword, select a domain extension and combination method, click search and the system will display meaningful domain names containing your keyword.

International Domain Query is offered by Network Solutions, Inc. – the former domain registration monopolist. idNames is the world’s most experienced domain name management provider, with a full-range of services that search, register, maintain, and secure your Web Addresses in 192 countries. idNames assists leading companies and trademark owners in protecting their intellectual property and Internet identities.

MultiTrace: Just enter a domain name and this tool will trace the path to the server, which hosts the respective website. This is especially valuable when you want to see how far are you from your server as well as how long does it take to get there.

GreatDomains provides the marketplace for companies and individuals to buy and sell Domain Names, developed Web sites, and Internet-based businesses under the accepted industry practices that govern business opportunity and trademark sales. Additionally, this service allows Domain Names and Web sites to be brought to their highest and best use. provides brokerage and escrow services for these Domain Name, Web site, and Internet-based business sales, using the highest ethical standards and integrity.

DomainMagistrate is an online assistance center to help you through your domain name registration dispute. The new Policy allows complainants to include any domain name that is confusingly similar to their trademark – as well as identical to their trademark.



3 thoughts on “Using Tools to Find Great Domain Name

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    I just stumbled across It seems very cool in that you can generate domains using your own lists of words.

    So, for example, if I wanted to generate a domain name site I would use the following:

    Subject: domain, dns, fqdn
    Descriptor: super, cool, neat

    Select the TLD’s you want to search for, and it brings back all the names you want. Further, you can configure to only return the available names.

    In all, an invaluable tool in my opinion!


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