Top 10 Topics to Blog About

“I don’t know what to write in my blog,” said one of my friends after several days of absent from blogging. She said she lacks of topics. She cannot think what kind of topics may interest readers.

Thanks God, BL Ochman of What’s Next Blog gives us a guidance about Top 10 Topics to Blog About. Here they are:

_ Provide information that helps your readers do their jobs.
_ Talk about the dumbass things people do in your industry.
_ Also write about the really smart things they do.
_ Respond to negative things that are said about you or your company – fast.
_ Share resources and links to other manufacturer’s products and to services that are helpful to you in your work.
_ Report and comment on industry news.
_ Blog live from tradeshows, meetings, speeches and events whenever you can.
_ Write about which trades, websites, blogs are worth reading.
_ Review other blogs, explaining what you like and don’t like about them.
_ Explain the features, good and bad, of services for bloggers that you’ve tried.

So don’t postpone starting your own blog because you wonder what to write about. If you follow her advices, lack of blog ideas would be part of the history, even you blog most of your work time.

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