12 reasons against nofollow

On January 18, 2005, Google proposed a rel=”nofollow” attribute that could be placed on a link; doing so instructs most major search engines to ignore the link, rendering it useless to spammers. Software is then rewritten to add this attribute to any link embedded in a comment. As of April 2005, nofollow has seen expanding usage, but is not yet universal. But it is true that nofollow is the answer to fight comment spams?

12 Reasons against nofollow

  1. nofollow does not prevent comment spam
  2. nofollow is semantically incorrect
  3. nofollow harms the connections between web sites
  4. nofollow is not useful for humans, just for search engines using PageRank or a similar technique
  5. nofollow could be used to shut web sites out
  6. nofollow discriminates legitimate users as spammers
  7. nofollow heists commentators’ earned attention
  8. nofollow could be used to further discriminate weblogs
  9. nofollow prevents the Web from being a web
  10. nofollow eliminates the dissemination of free speech
  11. nofollow was developed in privacy with only search engines companies taking part in the discussion

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