How to manage negative comments in your blog

Weblog or blog is media. It delivers message through internet. As a media, weblogs received response from readers. They send us comments via tool provided by the engine. Readers may also send us trackback, a mechanism used in a blog that shows a list of items that refer to a post.

D. Keith Robinson has got a post up at on how to deal with negative comments. I rewrite his tips with my experience. Here they are:

  • Read all comments carefully. Sometimes readers send their comments emotionally after reading our entries. This makes their comments look negative. Reading carefully and understanding comments will eliminate trouble.
  • We have to learn from every single comments. Sometimes negative comments root from our mistake. So, learn from it.
  • Do not be defensive. Think and read the comments again and again before replying it. Responding to negative feedback may make matters worse.
  • If you think that the commenters are just looking for a fight, ignore it. Discussing with such readers are useless.
  • If you have a policy on comments, put it clearly on your blog. For example: off-topic comments will be deleted without asking.
  • Take positive attitude. Responding comments with kindness and willingness to understand will open your mind.
  • We are not perfect. Admit it if we are wrong. We can edit our blog easily, right?
  • Do not take every comments personally. Sometimes we think negative comment is a personal attack, but this is often not the case.
  • Respond your negative comments via email. Engaging in an e-mail conversation with someone who I’m butting heads with is very helpful in resolving the situation.
  • Take it easy. Face every comments with humour.
  • Before posting an entry, read and reread.

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