For the most of us in Indonesia, RSS stands for Rumah Sangat Sederhana or Very Simple House. I bet most of Indonesian do not know about RSS or Really Simple Syndication. We are not alone since a survey conducted by PewInternet reveals that 91% of Americans have absolutely no idea what RSS is.

Talking about RSS, I’ve just sign-up to You can access my feed at This link is nicer than

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3 thoughts on “RSSes

  1. Well, you can always apply your own CSS to your own RSS feed without using feedburner if you want. Just peek at the source from your feedburner feed, notice the first two lines.

    It will only look nice on browsers that understands XML and stylesheets, like Firefox.

  2. The main purpose of the feed/syndication is.. well, to syndicate, to be included in something else. So RSS is not primarily meant to be read by humans, rather by programs.

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