$1M a year without a sales person

Jason Calacanis from WeblogsInc posts that the network just hit a new record of $2,335 for a day in Adsense revenue, and needs to get $2,739.72 per day to reach the $1 million target. He also notes that this is with Adsense not being available in prime positions on the leading network sites due to paid ad placements by third parties.

What it will be if Calacanis put his Adsense in premium position? Well, creating $1M a year without a sales person will be a reality for WeblogsInc. Congratulations!

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One thought on “$1M a year without a sales person

  1. Since one of the ideas is to split strings not into words, but hopefully into phrases more semantically informative than the words they are made of, doing that better should mean better suggestions, and avoiding what essentially are word n-tuples should make for smaller data and slightly faster querying.

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