Detikcom Launches DetikPublishing

Detikcom launches It is a web based portal for corporate media information which is provided by Detikcom to publish articles, releases, and general archives of a corporate or a group of corporation through out Indonesia. It is said that DetikPublishing is an answer for the needs of corporation to publish news, articles, programs, gathering, financial reports and so on.

The membership of DetikPublishing is Rp. 2 million per month for 5 brands with 20 publications or Rp. 20 million for 5 brands with 20 publications per month (240 publications per annum).

I don’t know whether market will respon such service positively since newspapers and magazines are also very aggressive offering advertorials plus more benefits. Moreover, there is is a free service similar to DetikPublishing. PRWeb is totally free. You can publish as many publications as you want. The admin panel for user is very simple. PRWeb articles are also appeared on Yahoo!News > Business > Press Releases.

There are more benefits to publish your corporate news on than DetikPublishing. Detikcom is late for such kind of services. Poor….

PR, Public Relation, Financial Report, Corporate Action


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