Tsunami Aid Donor: How Generous Are You?

Six months after killer waves roared across the Indian Ocean, sensitivities still run high about the true generosity of rich countries, despite an unprecedented outpouring of aid in the weeks following the Dec. 26 tragedy.

According to Reuters, aid pledges by governments and multilateral organisations total around $6.9 billion. Add to that almost $5 billion of private donations to aid organisations by individuals, companies, foundations and religious groups, and you have the biggest display of generosity after any natural disaster in history.

But all of those pledges are only NATO or No Actions Talk Only.

Australia, for example, pledged to donor US$738,9 billion. But in reality they only gave US$136.1 billion. The figure is less than 40% comparing to their promises. The figures is not applicable to Japan which gave more than their promise.

What do you think about that?

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One thought on “Tsunami Aid Donor: How Generous Are You?

  1. Emang napa kalo kurang dari 40%? Masih kurang? Protes aja ah, cape tau dengerinnya.

    Btw, total $6.9 billion, tapi oz nyumbang US$738,9 billion? ga salah ketik tuh?

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