Posted in July 2005

What Kind of American English Do You Speak?

English is my third langauge. My mother tongue is Javanese. But I never dream using Javanese language. My second language is Indonesian. I always speak this language when dreaming. And, my third language is English. Believe me, I wish I can dream in this language. So, What Kind of American English Do I Speak? Your … Continue reading

I am dreaming of a logo

Logo is a name, symbol, or trademark designed for easy and definite recognition, especially one borne on a single printing plate or piece of type. I need a logo for my blog. But I do not know hoe to create a logo. Anyone can help me with a logo?

Some students find Gmail better

Many Indiana University students are making a move, and it has nothing to do with finding a new place to live. One of the student said: I set up my Webmail to forward all my mail straight to my Gmail account. Now I use it all the time to correspond with classmates and professors because … Continue reading

Busy week for Microsoft

This week is a busy time for Microsoft: with unveiling of the beta releases of Internet Explorer 7 and Windows Vista, and upgrading its free-email Hotmail. Included with the Hotmail upgrade is a bump of the storage space for free users to two gigabytes; several of my friends had already seen storage increases in their … Continue reading

12 reasons against nofollow

On January 18, 2005, Google proposed a rel=”nofollow” attribute that could be placed on a link; doing so instructs most major search engines to ignore the link, rendering it useless to spammers. Software is then rewritten to add this attribute to any link embedded in a comment. As of April 2005, nofollow has seen expanding … Continue reading

Weblog Wannabe switching to WP

As written by Matt in his recent blog, Firda Beka, a weblogger who used to live in Pondok Betung, Tangerang, Indonesia and now living in Canada, makes a seamless swicth from MovableType to WordPress. It looks like that nothing change in her weblog. She writes: So today Movable Type decided not to work for me … Continue reading